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Maya Davis is a multi-media artist and educator based in Detroit Michigan, through her work she interrogates the ideas of maintenance and care for and of the body through the abstract concept and materiality of skin and protective layers, discussing how one cares, harms, heals, and maintains. With a focus on bio-materials and textiles, Davis has a focus on a series of unconventional portraits, through the concept of sustainability of practice, lifestyle, and material. These portraits each portray a different embodiment of skin as armor for what lies inside.


The line between when care becomes harm is thin and wavering. There is a time and place to let go and to consciously neglect just as much as there is a time to hover and to tend.

Maya Davis is from Lansing, Michigan, currently living and working in Detroit, MI. Studying in the College for Creative Studies Fine Arts and Education programs, Maya has exhibited works at Holding House (Detroit, MI), U245 (Detroit, MI), Firecracker Foundation (Lansing, MI), been published by Anhelo Anhelo Press (Detroit, MI), and worked in education and programming at The Studio Museum (Harlem, NY), Wasserman Projects (Detroit, MI), CCS galleries (Detroit, MI), Wing Lake Developmental Center (Detroit, MI), and Project Art USA (Detroit, MI) among others.

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