Maya Davis is a Detroit based Fine Artist and Arts Educator currently attending The College for Creative Studies for a Bachelors in Fine Arts and a K-12 Arts Education Certification. Maya's artistic practice is primarily surrounding the ideas of sustainability and the maintenance and care for and of the body in both actions and display, as well as how the body leaves memory of itself onto a space and how a space leaves a memory of itself onto the body. These ideas are translated into Maya's teaching philosophy through the application of the sustainability of learning and artistic practice, allowing students to translate all knowledge gained through the classroom into their own artistic practices outside of the classroom utilizing and learning skills to cultivate, find and create their own materials to allow for the perseverance of art making without access to a traditional arts classroom. Davis is a current artist in Project Art's, Art and Social Practice Residency providing free art classes through the Detroit Public Library's main branch. Maya is also a co manager of The College for Creative Studies' U245 Student Gallery, handling curation of all students shows. 

Maya Davis

Born 1999

Based in Detroit, Michigan



2021 BFA College for Creative Studies - Detroit, MI

2021 K-12 Art Teaching Certification College for Creative Studies - Detroit, MI

2020 Museum Education Practicum Studio Museum of Harlem - Harlem, NY



2020 Project Arts Resident Exhibition, Virtual Opening

The Preservation of Personage, U245 Gallery - Detroit, MI

Space and Bodies With Considerations To Intimacy, U245 Gallery - Detroit, MI [Curator]

Soularium, U245 Gallery - Detroit, MI [Curator]

Winter Select: Open Studies, College for Creative Studies -Detroit MI

2019 Oculus Opulence: A Wearable Art Show, U245 Gallery - Detroit, MI [Curator]

Risograph: Under Blacklight, U245 Gallery - Detroit, MI [Curator]

Optical Action, The Hub Gallery -Detroit, MI

Cash and Carry, U245 Gallery - Detroit, MI [Curator]

Student Exhibition Opening, College for Creative Studies - Detroit, MI

Wayne County SAFE Voices Survivor’s Art Show, Holding House, Detroit, MI 

2018 Student Exhibition Opening, College for Creative Studies -Detroit, MI

2017 SOULFIRE Gala for Survivors of Childhood Sexual - Firecracker Foundation, Lansing, MI



2019-2020 Artist and teacher in residence with Project Art USA - Detroit, MI

Teaching assistant in the Fine Art Department at the College for Creative Studies - Detroit, MI

2019 Classroom aide volunteer for students with severe physical and cognitive 

disabilities at the Wing Lake Developmental Center - Bloomfield Hills, MI

2017-2019 Teaching assistant in the Precollege and Continuing Studies Department of the College for Creative Studies - Detroit MI



2020 Curatorial and public programs intern at Wasserman Projects - Detroit, MI

2019-2020 Gallery manager and curator at the U245 Student Gallery of College for Creative 

Studies - Detroit, MI

2018-2020 Gallery assistant at the Scarab Club - Detroit, MI

2018-2019 Studio technician for the Sculpture Department of the College for Creative Studies - Detroit, MI

Student ambassador for College for Creative Studies - Detroit, MI

Contemporary Critical Development Club Administrator at the College for Creative Studies - Detroit, MI

2017-2019 Studio technician for the Printmaking Department of the College for Creative Studies - Detroit, MI

2015-2017 Studio technician for Sunset Clay Studios - Detroit, MI



2020 Beth and Edith Ford Scholarship - Detroit, MI

2020 DeSalle Scholarship - Detroit, MI

2019 Artwork Acquired into the collection of Kevin Beasley - New York, NY 

2019 Mathilda Wilson Scholarship - Detroit, MI

2017 Michael J. Swancutt Scholarship - Detroit, MI

2017 College for Creative Studies Merit Scholarship - Detroit, MI