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Through this current body of work, I am exploring the physical tolls of caring for others through memories left on the body. Scars, stains, trauma, bruises, visual memory of how the body is used as a currency of devotion. This work is a multimedia approach to visualizing the impact that transactional love and labor can have on the body. Pushing the limits of how much one can give, how much one can receive, and deciphering when and where is the need for reciprocity.

These languages of love and care morph and change through environmental and circumstantial differences, so the transactions must adapt with them. My work examines how physical and mental ability and illness have the ability to intertwine themselves with love and labor and the power imbalances that arise and compensate for these changes in physical labor as ways to show care and devotion.

The Taking of Giving


Marble, Rose Petals, Linen

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